Hi! My name is Tyler Jowers, owner and groomer of Classy Canine Cuts. I have been grooming for over 10 years now with my experience includes 5.5 years at Petco as a Pet Stylist! Then I spent 2.5 years at The Paw Spa Pet Resort as their Grooming Manager And Trainer! Now I'm an owner of a salon! With that being said, I strive for excellent customer service and pretty darn close to perfect grooms! With my experience of working in the industry, I have grown to work with all types/breeds of family pets and the pets who aren't very fond of grooming. I'll try my best to work with the pet parent to give them the best groom that we can get on their dog or cat. I love my job, my clients and their family pets. I want to make sure that every client gets the best customer service during and after their groom. And that every family pet gets the quality groom or bath that they deserve. I'm always willing to accommodate my clients and their family pets.


Hello! Most of my Old customers have known me as Valerie Marode. As I was Married for 27 years. I changed my name back to Valerie Grube when I got divorced couple years back. I have been blessed with a wonderful Daughter named Kirsten who has given me a grandbaby named Emily whom I enjoy spending time with her when I'm not working.

I have been a professional groomer for the last 40 years and I still enjoy what I do! I started my career at Karens Kritter Kastle where I stayed for 10 years . I have also Owned my own business for several years as well which due to a back injury I had to close up shop and focus on myself! I worked for Petco as a Manager and trainer where I met Tyler. After that I worked for several different places, Tyler had contacted me when he opened up Classy Canine Cuts. I'm happily at his salon now for 1.5 years.

So come visit us and Get to know me better if you didn't know me already. I LOVE WHAT I DO!

Taylor Anderson:

We hired another wonderful Groomer, her name is Taylor Anderson. she has over 3 years experience, very sweet and personable. She was trained at a vets office and has worked for a variety of environments for grooming! Mobile, Boarding, and now Classy Canine Cuts! We are very happy to have her on our team. She fits in very well here. She is quite and keeps to herself while the rest of us here are very LOUD(she evens us out along with Josh the manager)! Thanks For coming on board Taylor cant wait to see where you take us to the next level!!!